Wearable Art, formerly Wayuu Dream Bags, was born of complete passion for Colombia. Its beautiful people of endless joy, its land of pure riches and best of all, its limitless form of art. We are lovers of our earth, humanity and forever chasing one dream we believe must be unanimous amongst all, freedom.

We are filled with joy at the idea of making these handmade mochilas and accessories accessible to the world, focusing mainly on the beautiful craftsmanship that comes from one of the country’s most barren land in La Guajira desert by the Wayuu indigenous. For them, their craft is their main source of income and as a result of many young Wayuu men and women studying and seeking a more modern way of life, this intricate art is slowly dying.
Welcome to Wearable Art, we invite you to enjoy each beautiful handcrafted piece of art and wear it proudly knowing that each purchase generates a bit of freedom to some of Colombia’s most dedicated artisans.